2/4 Marches: Mairi's Wedding, Teribus, Corriechoillie's 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting, Sweet Maid of Glendaruel.
Strathspey & Reel: Aspen Bank, The Ale is Dear.
4/4 March: At Long Last.
Slow Air: Amazing Grace.
Slow Air: Highland Cathedral.
6/8 Marches: Leaving Port Askaig, 10th Battalion, H.L.I., Crossing the River Rhine.
6/8 March: Glendaruel Highlanders.
3/4 Marches: The Green Hills of Tyrol, When the Battle's O'er, Lochanside.
3/4 Marches:Dream Valley of Glendaruel, The Argylls Crossing the River Po, Castle Dangerous
4/4 Marches: La Baum, Dawning of the Day.
4/4 Marches: We Will Rock You, Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, Bluebells of Scotland, Rose of Alandale.
4/4 Marches: Bessie Weatherspoon, Silver Threads Among the Gold.
Suite: The Gael.
4/4 March: Heyken's Serenade.
4/4 Marches: The Children, the 48th Highlanders of Canada.

Drum Settings:
Mairi's Wedding
Corriechoillie's 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel
Standard 6/8 March No.1
La Baum and Dawning of the Day
Standard 4/4 March No.1
Standard 4/4 March No.2
Standard 4/4 March No.3

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